Water & Sewerage Utilities

We have developed extensive specialist expertise in the planning, design and supervision of sewerage reticulation schemes for both ‘Greenfield’ developments and infill sewerage schemes for Local Governments.

Our water reticulation expertise ranges from new developments to water main replacements and upgrading of existing utility systems.


  • Private assessment and certification of UW development applications
  • ‘Greenfield’ gravity sewer and water main design
  • Infill Gravity Sewer Design
  • Infill sewer pumping stations and rising mains
  • Low pressure sewer systems
  • Infill vacuum pump station design
  • Water main augmentation to existing areas
  • Contract administration and construction supervision
  • Environmental approvals


  • 2017 Toowoomba Infill Industrial Sewer and Pumping Station
  • 2012 – 2018 14km of UW water main replacement
  • 2016 Toowoomba Infill Sewer (749 Tenements)
  • 2011 UW Infill Sewer (80 Tenements)
  • 2009 Pomona Infill Sewer (478 Tenements)
  • Marcus Peregian Infill Sewer (2500 Tenements)
  • Noosa Infill Sewer (977 Tenements)