Water & Sewerage

Infill Sewerage

Providing Unitywater, Gympie and Toowoomba Regional Councils with assessment of the issues which allows solutions to be determined on environmental and economic factors. Sewering areas within the South East Coast Region that were previously considered not viable to sewer, involving the design of vacuum, gravity and pressure systems to 5000 lots.


Water Main

Replacement and upgrades providing regional utilities with design solutions for the replacement and upgrading of reticulation and trunk water mains to existing verges and Reservoirs.


Leachate Pumping Stations and Rising Mains project

Determining the feasibility of the projects and undertaking detailed design and supervision of works. The construction of a leachate rising main and pump station to deliver leachate to the existing sewer.


Development Assessment

Provide private land developers with a private Development Assessment service for Development Approvals and Constructions Certification to new UW infrastructure associated with developments.