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Rufous St Carpark, Erosion Restoration, Sewer Relocations and other Council Projects

18 Dec 2019

Peregian Beach Rufous Street Precinct Stage 3— Carpark Extension and Community Building— The new 49 space carpark which we designed and supervised in Rufous St, Peregian, was completed and opened for use just prior to Christmas and is freeing up shopping center carparks so that the businesses in Peregian can flourish.

Dakabin Landfill— C & T have designed a pumping solution for Leachate disposal at Dakabin landfill which is to replace the existing tankered disposal method. This will improve the management of leachate on site for Council and Unitywater.

Dewatering Management—We have also worked on a number of water main and sewer relocations for Council and Unitywater which involve dewatering and treating discharge water in coastal areas.

Design of Swan Ave Gully—Erosion Restoration— After heavy rain a steep coastal gully was eroded and required a natural channel design solution. C & T recently completed the supervision for the stabilisation of this sandy gully which has been eroded after heavy rain. The design involved returning the gully to its original bed level and roughness so as to enable instream revegetation. The other controlling factor was to minimize disturbance to the existing vegetated banks during rectification work.


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